Dating as a guy vs dating as a girl?

Let me know which one has it easier, give me your dating perspective, is it better to date as a guy or girl just really anything people.


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  • No one can say exactly because we only have the experience from our particular gender's position. Each gender has its own challenges to face when it comes to dating actually.

    • Ok, so talk about what youve been through with dating. What guys do you like, has it been easy for you?

    • In my personal experience, I've found that guys are more interested in sex than anything else. When I was younger and had less self esteem I used to give them sex because I thought if I gave them what they wanted they would like me and therefore want a relationship with me. Took me many years to learn that if a woman doesn't respect herself (hold out for what she wants, and not settle for anything less), then a man is not going to respect her either. And if he doesn't respect her, he's not going to want a relationship with her.

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • I don't think either has it any easier per se. Each gender faces different issues.

    I definitely feel that girls have a harder time with receiving the intimacy and passion they desire, and I also (contrary to popular belief) think that more girls are sexually frustrated than men are. This is mostly due to social standards that kind of embed certain attitudes and expectations in us.

    Women have more options though, which I suppose is an advantage. But they are looked down upon for testing out their options.

    Society has made sexuality and relationships pretty fucked up in my opinion. All sorts of mental anguish caused by social conventions but hidden under the guise of natural.


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  • When most men like the way u look, you just show up at places and chose... the end.

    • Lol, im so jeolous. Its pretty cool how attractive girls have so much power and special advatages over everyone else. But, i think after a while it would be annoying having guys always asking for your number where ever you go.

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    • Can you find someone physcially attractive but not sexually?

    • Sure, but in those cases I just admire the person, rather than want to have sex with them.

  • If you're hot, dating as a girl would be easier.

    • Mmmmm, as with guys. How has your dating history been. Easy, hard, lots of fun, maybe lots of crazies lol.

  • i think girls have it easier.

  • I'm bi, so I've dated both.

    Asking girls out is way easier than asking guys out. Men can be prudes, they're sooo picky too. I think girls are more easygoing and they're not as rude when they reject you lol. That's my experience anyways lol

    • Its because when i guy gets asked out it boosts our self a lot and it doesn't happen a lot

    • @Anon. Im bi also but NEVER approach grrrls, rather, I just wait for them to approach me.
      Jw, what do U say to them?

    • @kittykatbrat just basics, like "hi you're cute, are you queer?" Lol. If yes, i plan a date. Easy!

What Guys Said 2

  • dating for men is near to impossible. you have to be lucky or have a lot of money to win in this game.

  • As I've said before, I don't think women have it easier in dating. Sex, yes. Dating, it's about equal since women are more susceptible to "pump and dump" and have other problems.

    Dating as a girl, in my opinion, looks pretty awkward. There's a much greater threat of being led on as a girl than as a guy. I recall a saying, "Men have trouble getting the first date; women have trouble getting past the first few dates." In some sense, I think the latter is worse because the heartbreak is more severe, but the compensation is that women get a lot more initial attention.

    Seems to be about an even trade-off.


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