How can I get over the first guy?

I liked a guy for 7 months. We didn't talk a lot and I knew from the beginning he really didn't see me like that so I don't know why I continued to pursue anything but I did. I texted him sometimes and everytime we talked it went good but then he ignored me a couple of times and that's when I was like okay I guess it's time to move on so then I became really close with this one coworker. He texted me often and it led to me telling him how I felt and him saying he kinda felt the same way but was confused because he knows my brother and doesn't want to mess up their friendship. We ended up kissing/ making out a couple days ago and I do like him but I just felt a little weird about the kiss. I feel like I should be happier it happened. After it happened I was just feeling like I wished it was with the other guy. I know that's bad but I don't know how to get over him? Please help


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  • just give it time.


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