How to be not shy in long distance realtionship?

we live in different continents so we rarely have time to videochat or call but when we do, I get really shy so we end up just texting. I don't know advices?

+we are not adults yet
I'm actually a girl but I messed up when I was signing up


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  • aw that's cute haha.

    well i can imagine y video chat would be nerve wracking. look, just do it. like the first few times might be a bit tough, but dont ruin the experience because of silly fears. so what if ur shy at first? do u know how adorable she'll think u r when she sees thats the effect she has on u?

    just keep doing it until u get used to it, and u know what? maybe u never will, but at least u know that theyre some hella real butterflies. tells u ur pretty crazy bout this girl, and that's a good thing =]


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  • You're having a relationship, so let's things happen. Just stop worrying about what he'll think and, like I said, let things happen. I'm sure he'll like it.


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  • take deep breaths!


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