Girls, when you are first dating a guy do you want him to ask before he does something like kisses you?

Do you want him to ask things like "can i kiss you?" "can i hug you?" "can i hold your hand?" Or do you want him to do it when the moment is right, or do it spontaneously?


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  • Spontaneouty is wonderful, but it depends on how close you are to the girl. If I haven't exactly been very close or spent some alone time with him Id feel weirded out but if I have been talking to him for a few weeks or months and I consider him someone I'm close too then I'll love it even more.

  • not really to be honest. that kinda makes it awkward. just do it u know? but i think id like if he asked my permission through his body language.

    example. if he wants to kiss me, maybe holding my gaze and glancing at my lips like 'can i?'

    or if he wants to hold my hand, he could just extend it and smile.

    if he wants to hug me, maybe putting a hand around my waist and seeing how i respond.

    like there r a few ways u can sorta just do one thing, see her reaction and either stop, or go. the key is to be gentle though, like dont shock her lmao.


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