Guys, Why does he act interested in me but ends up not responding when setting a day to hang out?

I met him on a dating site, I am a BBW and clearly show in pix full body and profile info. But it didn't matter to him so we continued to talk more. we would joked about everything. He brought up that we should hang on Saturday and we texted most of the day about what todo and goofy chat. We were going to hang out at 7. Time came and asked if work went ok and if he was too tired to hang out, that rescheduling would be fine. No answer. Texted 1hr later and said goodnight. No answer... Did I do something wrong with showing interest of some sort? From the beginning I was true to being friends first and being a bbw. Why is it hard for people to say you are a great person but I don't see this going anywhere beyond texting or being friends. Can anyone enlighten me of why this would happen.


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  • he just wants to fuck. he'll fuck you if there's no one else around. try working on yourself then you won't have to put up with that shit.

  • This app has a lot of insecure people. They are attracted by what the app provides. Helping people helps me feel good about myself.

    Dating sites are also full of insecure people. They come across as very different people. You came off different than you expect but that is because people read into profiles, things that aren't there.

    I get EXACTLY the same thing from all the women I talk to. He likely chickened out. You forget, for every 10 guys you hear from, guys will get one message. It is stressful as hell.


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