If a girl hooks up with you on the first night you meet her do you only want sex?

So i was really drunk at the club and met this really sweet guy and we ended up going back to his place afterwards... we hooked up but basically we didn't have sex cause I am a virgin lol but we were both fully naked etc etc.

He took me out for breakfast the next day and has been asking me to hang out since but I am just wondering if all he wants is sex since i was so easy to hook up with the first time?


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  • He took you out for breakfast!! What more do you want?
    My friend won't even spend the night at a guys house after a hook up, and here this fellow took you out in the morning. He sounds sweet.

    Wear something modest but form fitting. (if you want to see him) I betchu he'll love it


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  • He's taking you to breakfast and asking you to hang out - so I don't think he wants it to be just be a one off one night stand type thing.

    If you like him, might as well spend some more time and see where things go. Hooking up early doesn't always mean that's all it's going to be about. Especially with sweet guys.


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  • Ask him what he is looking for.

    I'm sure he wants sex, maybe not just sex though. You should learn to separate love and sex, mash in them together leads to all sorts of problems.

    If you still want to hook up with him you should, and if something more happens then that is a separate concept all together.

    You said he was really sweet and took you to breakfast so I'm sure sex isn't all he wants.


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