Girls, why is my wife acting like this?

why does my wife get mad when I go hangout with female friends? I've been spending a lot of time with a female friend by going to the gym and going to dinner with her. my wife is very uneasy with our friendship. why doesn't she let us be friends?
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  • Because it's one thing having female friends, but going for dinner one to one with her? I can understand she may feel uncomfortable, her husband is going for dinner with another woman which can end badly. Would you like her going for dinner with another man? And the thought that maybe something could happen between them?


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  • Well... perhaps you should suggest to her that she follow suit and pick a close guy friend of hers to become her gym buddy and constantly go out on dates with her. (Out to dinner with a member of the opposite sex when your S. O. is uncomfortable with the idea--that's a date, no matter how you slice it).

    Then you can get an idea for how she feels, and she can grow closer to her male friend while you grow closer to your female friend. Sound like a recipe for disaster that will only drive a wedge between the two of you? Yeah. That's because it is.

    You need to respect your wife's feelings. Take HER to the gym, and take HER out to eat. When you are married, spending so much of your free time with another girl is inappropriate and only leads to trouble.


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