Girls, if you saw a guy who is totally your type, would you invite him to a date quickly?

Let's say you don't know each other and met on Facebook for example (online mainly )
You did some talking before, but nothing else


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  • If I were single and interested, sure. But i may need to get to know him better online before i feel comfortable going on a date.

    • yes, the both of you kept chatting for a few weeks

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    • @mooky06 and she was the one to propose meeting up! Could she really find me attractive therefore?

    • She may have some sort of attraction towards you yes, that's very possible ☺️

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  • I would probably want to get to know him at least at little. Otherwise I may just be setting myself up for failure. But I don't think there's anything wrong with being "quick".

    • okay, yes, they both decided to do more chatting online before anything else

    • I'll be honest: it would just depend on where I was. It would depend on how adventurous I was at that time in my life. That logical part of me say "why rush?" The adventurous part of me says "FOR the rush!"

  • Not, first to get to know him.

    • how do you mean that exactly?

      so you invite him to get to know him personally first and then you decide whether you would date him?

    • Yes, first I would do that

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