Does he like me?

I can usually tell if someone has a crush on me or not, but I've gotten some mixed signals from my friend. Neither one of us really like people at all and we're very sarcastic, so we don't have many friends, usually pretty miserable, and not much goes great for us as people. Anyways, we're not completely miserable around each other and we can let our guard down and have real conversations with each other that mean something. He's told me that he likes me because I'm a genuine person and I don't let people influence me, but I don't know if he meant like as a friend or as a crush or something. In that same conversation he said he likes older women, but I don't know if he was saying that to be weird or if he was serious;and in that same conversation, he pointed out that he thinks I like him (I think I do, but I'm not gonna let him know that) and I was like nah. He'll come to me with his problems sometimes, and has done so more often lately. Friday morning, he called me to his car and told me about his problems, and we're both in band and had away game so we hung out basically all Friday alone. He let me cut in line for the food court, and we made friends with an FYE guy who thought we were dating (so did my mom and possibly his). Anyways, sorry this was so long, I suppose I'm over thinking everything.
Oh yeah we took a selfie together last night cause my hair made me look like Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura and he put it on Instagram as his "celebrity photo." Anyways, it was pretty funny, and he doesn't have anyone else on his insta except himself, guns, and sometimes political stuff or memes.


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  • I think he does like you!


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