Is there any hope?

My ex and i dated for two years and we were great together.. unfortunately things got very difficult in the last three months and We broke up around 4 months ago. The initial two months after the break up were ugly. We tried to remain friends but kept fighting.
Last two months we got close again... first we were just hooking up but then we started really talking again. He told me he cherishes what we share.. that he cares about me a lot and he'll always be there.. Past month wev been meeting almost everyday and talking over the phone everyday too.. He talks to me about the good stuff in his life and shares all his problems too.. Sometimes we even talk about how great it would be if things work out.. i know he's keeping an open mind about us..
Now the thing is he got a job in another city... about 4 hrs away from where we stay currently.. He says he's going to keep in touch and we'll Skype.. He'll come visit and i can too.. But im scared this is going to pull us apart again..
I really want stuff to work out... what should i do?


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  • I don't think it'll work out. Sorry. Long distance relationships rarely work unless there's a plan for either of you moving. If the future is blurry and you don't have any definite plans of moving in together or closer together, then one of you is much more likely to grow bored and tired of having to go back and forth without seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Plus the fact that the past few months have been so up and down. You might as well just let go and move on.

    • Makes sense :) ... Going to be tough but what has to be done has to be done... no choice there... :)

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