Guys, what does it mean when ur boyfriend says that u are not bad compared to his last relationship?

How can i be a better gf? ..
Yeah it seems like he is confused... he did bring it up as to his kids names.. Pets n how i would nuture kids because he said say u are my wife.. How would u nuture our kids.. Think very carefully before u answer he saud.. N wen i gave him my answer.. He was satisfied with it... So is he testing me or confused?


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  • how did this even come up because it doesn't sound like something that he'd just say randomly

    • Well... We were having a conversation generally.. And he was talking about girls... Who he met and how girls are like this and that.. He was saying about us... How our relationship.. I ask too many questions... And taking care of his needs and wants.. How he wants to wait.. 5 more years before he is married.. Talked about his past relationships and then said im not bad... Compared to his last one...

    • well i don't know the character of this guy so it's hard to say. maybe he's a dick, maybe he didn't quite use the right words. Without being there and hearing the way he said it and how everything went it's impossible to tell really

    • True... He is blunt that way... Told me also girls think he is a player but he is not... So he asked why they think that.. I said i dunno.. He said is it in my character.. Personality.. I said u would have to ask them but they won't say... Now im thinking why does it matter what those girls said.. When u are with me... I want him to add me back since it has meanning to me but he won't.. Is he trying to show he has power.. N even blocked me on instagram..

  • Probably means he's a bit of a douche.

    • Yeah he is blunt like that...

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    • Could he be fishing around?

    • Test as in wondering what you would do as a wife, maybe test is the wrong word.
      As for fishing around, I can't say, that depends on whether it's something he would do or not.

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