What do I do in this situation?

I am a bit concerned over here.
I had my last period August 31 -6 September. On September 7th my boyfriend and i had sex and we always use condoms but it broke and he came inside of me.

I panicked and got a plan B right away , like an hour after. I went to the doctor two days later and talked about some pills etc and she told me that i should be safe since i took the plan b pill.
My next period is to come on 28th of September but she told me to take a pregnancy test tomorrow 21th to be sure, and i bought a test but im so scared of taking it.
I dont want to be pregnang im not ready for a child.. im a bit paranoid


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  • I think you should be all right. And not pregnant. Take the test and you should be fine. Don't panic. Next time if the condom breaks don't let your boyfriend cum inside of you if possible. You should be fine.


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