#friendzone, I have developed Feeling for my guy friend, there are mixed signals on both ends, Should I confess my love? or Just forget it?

We have been friends for a while. We work for the same company not together, Thank goodness. At the time we meet we were both in long term relationships , but i always liked him but figured , im not his type. it was nothinng to pursue at the time. Most importantly im a loyal woman even though my current relationship was falling by the waste sides.100% against cheating. This relationship has ended after 4 years, and recently i've been open to lightly date for 6months , single for a year. Trust me the feelings for this guy aren't rebound related at all.
Any way my feelings are uncontrollable when im around my guy friend. so i no longer go to as many of his performances with his band - You see (He is not available 100% with a complicated situation thats is going by the waste side with his ex girl) I figure distance is best but i dont want to lose our friendship. We have hung out a few times the last time was at a party and the chemistry and dancing was through the roof. Everyone noticed and some thought we were dating. magicial... last week he had a performance i didn't go to it , he seems not to happy about that.
Lost for words because we both like each other but no communication. has been exhanged for many good reasons, i dont want to cross the line , but i feel he have these expectations.
Should i just tell him i always liked him and the feelings have been let lose since i'm single? Note: Im affraid of the response. or should i Just forget my feelings and apologize for not coming to the show and continue on with the complicated friendship.

Thanks for your kind opinions
Im falling for my friennd<3 :(
Office Romance Friend Zone, should I give up and keep it moving?


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  • If you are both single and like each other (which you know you do) go for it. My only question is why are you, a girl, on as a guy?

    • @animefreak omg I didn't realize that I have to change that no worries I'm 100% girl lol

    • @animefreak well you see he is technically not available he was single for a second then I noticed he started to distance himself from me. Then I put it together he still in Gray area with ex girl. Meaning back together or complicated

    • I'm not sure about your type of friendship, but I would try to figure out how he feels about his ex before doing anything else

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