How to deal with a love triangle?

So I ve been dating this girl for about 3 1/2 months. And everything seemed to go well. But recently this girl has become kind of stand offish. Her BFF just told me yesterday that she's still talking to her ex. But her BFF also told me that she still has feeling for me. But she had to choose. My question is do I still stay in the relationship or let it go? Also the awkward thing is that we are still going to sleep together because of a 2 day festival that we are going to next weekend, and staying in the same hotel room. She hasn't personally told me about the other guy but I got a feeling that she might tell me at the festival or he will be there. :/
Also my friend is dating her BFF. And we can't just distance our selves since they are both ganna be asking what's going on. Lol


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  • First of all, who is holding/looking after the tickets?

    • We each have our own tickets.

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    • You could always sell your ticket or even try find someone else to go with you. I honestly think that this girl does not deserve you. If she is even having second thoughts to your relationship then she is not worth it, you should always be first choice not second best. Don't degrade yourself like that.

    • Your rite. But Its my first festival so I think I'll go. im also doing it for my friend. if she tells me about him, I'm ganna stand my ground and ask her to choose. If she can't then I'm letting her go. For good.

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  • Awkward. I would just let the girl decide and be already out of the game before shit happens. Like when shit goes this way I don't feel anything for that girl and move on. You are another personality maybe

    • I'm ganna let her decide. But I'm afraid I'll have to fight him if he shows up. I get kinda crazy when I fight especially when there's alcohol involved. Lol

    • You don't need to fight, do you really feel like she is worth a fight? Is she worth a fight when she considers leaving you for her ex? Does that make her worthy, I would say no it didn't happen now but would you need to fight? Would it help. Consider that, the reason why I would just leave is because fighting over a girl (physically) is not the way to do these days, do what you want but think about it

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  • Oh god, if I were you I'd let it go. Or maybe tell her you're not happy about her still talking to her ex?


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  • Never be with someone who treats you as an option

  • Leave the relationship if you are going to cheat


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