Should I tell her I'm done chasing or just go NC?

Eh this girls been less then responsive lately, should I just go no contact, or tell her outright I'm done chasing after her we'll talk whenever kind of thing.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • There’s really no point in telling her “outright” unless you are secretly hoping she will stop you and it will make her start reciprocating. If you tell her that you’re done then it looks like one last desperate attempt at begging for an emotional or mental response. Best thing for you to do now is stop subliminally begging for her time and attention, gather your dignity and self-respect, and move on without her. Don’t use NC as some little game to try and make her want you. I think she’s making it clear that for whatever reason she’s not interested in pursuing something with you.


Most Helpful Guy

  • She doesn't want to hear what you have to say; she doesn't care. Just go NC and move on.


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  • No use in saying anything and giving her the satisfaction of knowing you're upset. Better just go ahead and do it. It will be a far bigger sting for her and she'll have no idea what happened or what you are thinking. So straight NC man :)


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