Being single in a group?

So we are like 6 friends. there's 2 couples. and other guy has a girlfriend who isn't with hanging out with us.
So basically I'm the only single girl.. I really dunno how should I react cuz there's a birthday party tomorrow.. everyone will kiss and suck each other (lips lol don't be pervert) and I will feel about to puke.. help me :(
What should I do?


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  • Hahaha 😂
    You'll puke seeing them
    That doesn't sound good
    Find a guy if your too desperate
    But I think you should wait for Mr Right 👉?
    Just open 🚪 your eyes 😶?

    • I'm kind a desperate lol but I decided to not go

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    • Haha no thanks :D

    • Oh wow... you rejected my friendship 😶

  • Be patient, one day you'll find a nice guy (:


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