Guys, My Crush has become distant.. what should I do?

all summer long, my crush and i would talk everyday, all day and now once school started its like 3 hours at night or like i send a message and he doesn't see it and or reply for a couple of hours later and I just dont understand what happened... for the first time last night we didn't say goodnight to each other and if we didn't he would usually text me in the morning saying sorry... I feel like I did something very wrong or I was too much... what should I do? I miss him.. but i am afraid to say that and I just wanna be able to call him again... we haven't called each other in 2 weeks mostly texting... please help me :)


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  • call him up

    • you dont think thats too much because i feel like i have been the only one invested in talking to him... i have started the convos lately

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    • yes I see that as you caring about me

    • thank you :)

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