If a girl cheats is it assumed that her bc is a bad boyfriend rather then a cheating boyfriend having a bad girlfriend. Can girls be forgiven easier?

Is it is assumed that if a girl cheats she must do it because her boyfriend neglects her and does not treat her right. Rather then if a guy cheats he is just crazed for sex. Do you think a cheating girl can be forgiven easier then forgiving a cheating man.
  • Girls are less guilty and can be forgiven easier.
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What Girls Said 1

  • Girls usually cheat because she feels neglected by her boyfriend and is seeking attention and that love and affection your boyfriend is not giving her. So when a boy comes along that shows her those things she begin to feel a connection with him and mad feelings for him then sexual feelings development then sex happens.


What Guys Said 1

  • Unfortunately people do tend to come up with excuses for cheating women far too often. It's because of the female victimization which kind of works in their favor but is also pretty sexist towards these women since they can't be taken as seriously as women who actually have agency over their actions.


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