Shy girls are so confusing XD help me?

Well about a week ago I told this girl I've been hitting on I like her and when I told her she blushed really hard but smiled but then looked confused my friends told me it's because she felt embarrassed because they think she likes me to cause they have seen her staring and stuff at me so i texted her and she ignored it so this week I left her alone cause I felt I pushed her to much because she is so shy. So this week I just left her alone and didn't talk to her to give her some space but school is 2moro and I wanna talk to her but I don't know what to say and just saying I like u to her was hard cause I'm a emotional guy and keep stuff to my self but I said it cause I really do like her so what do I say to her if I should talk to her at all?


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  • Ask her out on a date! She mightve reacted that way bc she likes you too and didn't know what to say. It seems like she likes you, so just go for it! GL


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