How does one flirt?

Well in my opinion the title is self explanatory but nonetheless how do people flirt and not make complete fools out of them selves like I have oh so mastered in my to be honest not so long life.

I feel like some people will know who I am because I have a distinctive type of writing (some have called my writing that of a sheltered Mormon) but alas I don't care that much to change it just for an anonymous question and plus I am not that known.


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  • The structure of your writing i find to be fascinating for an unknown reason. And to answer your question: Flirting consists of a person, being intimate, or really friendly towards another. Also, awkward smiling, play fight, passive insults (if that makes sense), and feeling very comfortable being silly with each other.

    • Thank you, I really want to become a writer one day and hearing that some find my "style" fascinating encourages me to great lengths.
      So in other words just being comfortable with a person more so than others?

    • Yes indeed, and the intimaty (not in a sexual matter)

    • Intimacy**

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  • Honestly, for me, it's something that I could only ever feel out, it's hard to make suggestions because not everything will work for everyone. If I really had to give a concrete answer however:

    Banter: Playful teasing and debating, keep it light hearted and fun.
    Eye contact: Self explanatory.
    Body language: Face them, keep yourself open (avoid folding arms or looking down).
    Break the touch barrier: Light touch of the wrist or arm when they say something funny, light little gestures like playful bumping. My only "flirting trick" is that if I have the opportunity to sit next to them, I will let my legs point towards them and eventually let our legs touch. Lol *Dork alert!*


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  • Smile
    tease (without hurting anyones feelings)
    and just play with your hair


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  • I have no idea because I've never given it a thought. I just walk up to a guy and just start flirting and be myself.

    • Normally if I'm interested in a guy. I will start talking to him about what his shirt might say or show, the place we are at, a common friend if there is one, etc. Just something that would be easy to start off with. Then I would start to ease in on asking questions about them. After a point I would try joking around with them, smiling, and keep trying to know more about them.

      Not sure how helpful this is. Like I said I normally don't think about if i'm flirting with them or not. lol

    • It is helpful, thank you

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