Guys, how would you react?

Imagine it's near Chrismas break from school, I am walking beside you. We are walking out to the buses together. I tell you before you leave, I had something for you. I tell you to close your eyes, you close them. All is dark until you feel a light peck on the cheek from me, and I give you a card that had a drawing of me kissing you on the cheek like it was earlier (I'm good at drawing) and I tell you "just on the cheek, okay?" So yeah, it's my plan for Chrismas, you know Mistletoe? But just on the cheek, I'm 13 here... how would you react to this Chrismas surprise? ☺️


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  • That sounds so adorably cute.. ^.^

    I couldn't say how I'd react with you, but with my girlfriend
    back when we first started dating, I'd be delighted/pleasantly surprised
    (given we were both 13yo)

    • Although I guess a 13yo boy "could" get too embarrassed
      and react poorly towards the gesture.

      Decisions, decisions. ^.~

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  • sounds good!


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