So my girl broke up with me?

I guess you could call it a break up. I was at her house she was helping me with some English homework that I needed her for. And before I left she said that she couldn't really be in a relationship right now becuase she is so busy and has way to much stuff going on right now. But she still wanted to be friends. Which I believe, she is a very honest girl and would never lie to me about anything, she has been really busy lately also so I totally underdstand her reasoning.

So... later after I got home I texted her this.
"I just thought I'd let you know that I made it home safe. And by the way whatever happens whether we just stay friends or try it again later when we all have more time, I don't know we'll see how we feel later. But anyways whatever happens I just want you to know that I still really care about you, and I'll still be there for you anytime you need don't be afraid to ask. :-) well... Good luck with everything going on. And hey I'd still love to take you to homecoming if you're interested I don't know if you are or not. You don't have to answer to that now i'll just ask later how you feel about it, and yes it would just be as friends don't worry. Okay good luck and have a great week! I'll see you church maybe next week I don't know. We'll see."

Then she replied this:
"thanks :) I know you still care just as much, and I want to be clear that it's nothing you did or anything, it's that I have more stuff to do than I have time to do it if that makes sense. I really appreciate your understanding"

Should I respond to this? If yes what should I say? Maybe reply saying that it makes sense and that I completly understand... or should I just not repond at all? What do I do?

by the way in my opinion I don't know about hers but in mine I feel like this might turn back into something when we have more time. Or at least I really want it to. What should I do?


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  • i don't like her reasons. Seems too fishy.

    i say move on and keep looking else where.

  • She fed you a line, and you fell for it. If she wanted to be with you, she would choose to be with you. Her busy life wouldn't cause her to end the relationship if she really cared about you. My advice: Don't be her friend, don't do things with her, and don't go to homecoming with her, hoping something more will develop over time. She had her chance with you, and she blew it. There are plenty of eligible girls out there; ask them out instead of the girl who already told you she doesn't want to be with you. Next!


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