Will this work or blow up in my face?

I like this guy, he said he likes me back but he doesn't want to be dating anyone, he's just into casual hooking up which isn't really my thing so, yeah that is where we are at.

I was complaining about this to one of my mates and he told me I should just message my crush everyday (like every morning and every night) for a week and then go cold and not contact him for a few days. Apperently this should make him miss me and wonder where I am. I know this method has worked on some girls cos I've seen it happen but Im not sure it works the other way around? Guys get so much more claustrophobic then girls at times so I'm wondering if this will just really send him running for the hills...


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  • If he's just looking for a hook up I doubt you'll change his mind. I think that would just get annoying and you'd seem over keen.


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