Have you ever had your pet not get along with your S/O's pets?

Oh the things that break up a relationship. Sometimes it's like we aren't even adults. Has this happened to you?


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  • yes and we had to always keep them separated even after moving in together. it was ridiculous.

    • Yeah his cat was 13 so I was hoping to wait it out.

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  • No, but I had a friend that my cat hated and he ended up being right about her. She tried to ruin my life.

    • Tots if my dog doesn't like a guy I'm dating that's it. She guarded me against one and was right about him. She liked this guy a lot but he had a cat that was scared of dogs. 😔

    • My cat thinks he's a dog, @ but is deathly afraid of other cats.

    • 😀😀 I love cats

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