A guy destroyed my feelings. I am hurt How to move on?

I used to madly love a classmate of mine with whom I studied for two years. My ex dumped me, married someone else, and I belonged to a broken home - perhaps thats why I developed an emotional association with him. A day before his birthday, I brought cake for him in the whole class, and I even gave him flowers privately, I proposed him later. He rejected me. I never turned out to be rude to him. I dont know why he kept on calling me on my mobile to talkfor larger time duration. Then after a few class gatherings, I noticed him making his association with other girls of our class (though he and his friends were always in my group & no girl ever spoke to them during entire academic time). Slowly he began to behave rude with me. And I obsereved him to be intentionally making me jealous. The situation got so worst that when I once said to him, "you are very good at hurting me." he replied me, "Prove it that I hurt you else dont argue with me. Think before you speak.". The last time was more worst when he harshly said to me, "Why do you always get to have problems with others? or why rest of the people have problems with you? you should take a look into your self. And stop making my fun among people. They gossip about me." I am really hurt by his attitude and now I really dont want to talk to him ever. The problem is I am too much hurt and I keep on thinking about how bad he repaid my love. I an unable to come out of emotional trauma. I can't move on.


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  • Getting turned down sucks. It hurts, and you feel down for a while afterwards, but it will pass. It happens to all of us. I had plenty of guys turn me down before I found the right one, so don't stop trying. I am sorry to hear he did that and left you feeling so vulnerable.


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  • time heals all wounds hun.


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