Why do guys only come up to me @ parties?

I'm a freshmen in college and really shy when it comes to guys. I was never asked out in high school and I didn't approch guys. Now in college I feel like its the same thing except guys approach me but only at parties. I thought I just didn't get asked out bc im ugly or something but a dozen guys have appraoched me at parties or on campus on a friday/saturday night. I can tell that they just wanna sleep with me. Why is it that sweet guys never come up to me just to get to know me? Pretty much all of my friends have been asked out and have had decent boyfriends. I have a crush or two but again I'm REALLY shy when it comes to guys. I want to start dating but I'm not really sure where to start and I've never even kissed a guy so I had to make sure their not just creeps :/


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  • FYI, you will not find a boyfriend at a party lol!
    guys go to parties to get laid 100%

    It will take a bit longer to meet guys who actually want to date, cause everyone is trying to see whats out there freshmen year


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