Does this look bad?

boyfriend of one yr. said he is complacent. There are pros and cons like everything else. The chase is obviously over, however he is still very attentive in many ways.
1. he got up on the wrong side of bed and blamed on me about somehitng, wanted to talk to him about it, he kept avoiding me, making coffee, bathroom... this and that except to side down and talk to me. so i mad and had a big fight
2. not motived
3. complains all the time it takes too long to get to my place due to train...
4. visiting me less now. i drive so its easier to pick him up
5. complains about a lot of the stuff i like. (i learned its his personality, so i tried not to let it bother me unless its something very hurtful.
6. didn't visit me when i had a stoma bug. i teased that he should come.
7. said he hasn't gotten me flowers. and still didn't on anniversary day. but have already spent $400. for my present... so this doenst count :P
8. small lies sometimes, he is getting better
9. makes excuses about stuff
10. i know men look, its normal. i noticed he would glance at women in restaurnts when we go out to eat. menaing less attentive towards me. he is still talking to me obvsioulsy.

1. very attentive to my needs
2. calls/text a few times a day
3. gentleman
4. gives me money to buy grocery
5. supportive, listens when i need
6. cooks for me
7. makes sure i dont do any of his house work when i visit (dishes)
8. hleps me with my children
9. takes good care of me, considerate in many ways
10. calls me sweet names, says i love you.
11. takes about engagment and marriage a lot

there might be more... so about the same.. cons are not good either :(


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  • The fact you're trying to weigh up the pro's vs the cons shows that something really isn't right here. Assess things not by a list but how often are you happy? If you can remember more times that you've stressed/sad more than you can recall happy times, then it's time for a change. Good luck.


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