Guys, I am a fat girl?

. I dont like too much Makeup because i am just kinda lazy and it seems dishonest.. Also when i workout i sweat ot off. for weddings i will wear some.
I don't usually wear heals i prefer to walk and be comfy
I prefer nature trails biking tennis or swimming to movies
I. Not thin but i am active
I am not prim and proper
I like to get my hands dirty
I believe strongly in good manners though
I am sweet but i can say no
I am not cookie cutter
I am unike
I am me
I am also a virgin
I want to save it for hubby
But than he better make up for lost time 😉
Would anyone date someone like this?


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  • your not fat and yes your very dateable, just keep being yu , take no shit from anyone and live ur life. feeling self conscious is common at ur age.


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  • No, you are not fat. And everything else stacks up just fine, all I would say though, is don't rely entirely on your future husband to get your socks off, if you know what I mean.
    There are things you can learn about yourself in the meantime, about your body and your sexuality (without having sex), that will greatly improve your chances of an enjoyable first time. Because, I can assure you, nobody knows a woman's body better than herself. Then, when the time comes, you will be able to communicate that with your future husband so that he has a better idea and understanding of what to do with YOUR body.
    Hope i've helped.

  • Yes but I can teach you how to be prim and proper when we go to high class partys we can't be acting like red Necks

  • If you're ugly, you're UGLY. No matter what you do or don't do that won't cover up anything.

  • WOw.. much easier to post a bunch of unrelated text than an actual pic, right?

  • I'm sure many church going guys will love you.


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