Guys, why only invite me with his friends?

I'm a manger at a gym, he's a member. We known eachother for almost 2 years & we talk all the time! He invited me out with his friends drinking (we're 28) and they all loved me. He ended up kissing me. After that he would text me often & come to the gym and hang out with me, flirt & get to know me. He invited me out again with his friends (same group of guys) and this time he confessed to having liked me for 6 months, but knew I liked someone else & knew I would never like him that way so he didn't make a move. I told him I did like him but wasn't sure how he felt. His friends joked that we should be dating. We end up sleeping at his apartment bc it was late but he was really respectful & we didn't have sex. We just kissed & cuddled and in the morning we talked, cuddled, kissed & he bought me breakfast. The next week he came to the gym EVERYDAY which he normally doesn't do. He jjoked that I'm too distracting for him cause when I'm around he doesn't want to work out, bc I'm different from everyone & he can't focus lol. So people at the gym are noticing there's something between us so we talk about it & he said he doesn't care who knows but he doesn't want me to be uncomfortable bc this is my job so I told him I'm leaving this job soon, plus we're both single & adults & my boss even suspects he likes me & has no policy against seeing members so I don't care who knows either but I said I would like for it to continue and he said "That's totally fine so long as you're comfortable, I want to make sure you're happy"

Then on Friday night he came to the gym for 5 hours 5pm to 9pm. I work late. He Worked out for an hour but mostly talked to me. Then as he was leaving he whispered "if I go out with the guys tomorrow you should come" I said I'd like that and then he texted me from 9pm to 11:30pm just making jokes and teasing me. But why won't he ask me on a date why does he invite me with his friends? It's weird, no?


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  • In a way, it is a good thing. Probably the best test that two people will do well together is how they are around each other's friends.

    It does seem odd that he is able to invite you to go with his friends but not solo. It could be that since your relationship was progressing he simply is going with what works.

    You're move now I suppose. You may want to suggest doing something different if you don't want to come out and ask.


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