Long Distance Relationship: Should I stay or should I go?

Yeah so this is a long complex situation but here we go...

So like I met a girl on tumblr and she's really cool, we have a lot of similar interests, outlooks on life, view points and she's a wonderful person over all. She's real troubled though she has a lot of family issues she's dealing with and I've been helping her out a lot w/ that. Right now she's stuck living w her mom in Denmark and her Dad has pretty much abandoned her because he's too busy w his newer family. We talk on FaceTime and kik, but at a certain point I told her about my ultimate dream of living off the grid on a plot of forested land and she loved it and we kinda quickly fell for each other.

My overall plan is to move from so-cal where I live now and move out to nor-cal within a year and go to college there, live on campus for a bit then find a way to support myself and then eventual rent out an apartment. Me and her discussed perhaps finding a way to fly her out to california and living together once I'm established.

The problem is that at a sertain point we had trouble getting along and had horrible arguements and at some point I tried to break it off but we made up and she told me her mom was threating to throw her out on the street (her mom is an alcoholic) and due to her shitty family situation that she has to deal w it's taken a huge toll on her over the course of being there.

I'm terribly conflicted because on the one hand I really do care about her deeply, she really is a wonderful person with a big heart. Like I'm in sooo deep, if I'm actually able to pull this off I could probably spend the rest of my days w/ her , I know if I could help her get out of Denmark and living w/ me we would be happy together. Me and her have helped eachother out so much and both of us are quit unhappy with our current lives.

On the other hand a long distance relation


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  • That is tough bro. It's really not easy to find someone like how you want and in the same time it suck that you can't be with that person in real life.
    Arguments happens in every relationship.
    Do how you feel towards her that's all i can say to you my friend.

  • Have you actually met her in person? If you have, and you're willing to wait a year for the dust to settle, it's probably worth waiting it out. If you haven't met her in person yet, this whole thing is a waste of time.


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