I like my bestfriend and I don't know what to do?

Well.. I have 4 best guy friends. Matt, Adam, Jon, and Mike (in order) we talk all the time. They were the first people to be my friends when I transferred to this new school. It's been a year. It's homecoming. Adam and Jon both wanted to asked me, but I said yes to Adam because he asked before Jon could. Matt asked my bestfriend Alex. Alex doesn't like him at all and he's heartbroken. We got a lot closer within these last two weeks. He's my bestfriend now. We talk. We flirt. He says the sweetest things. I like him. A lot. I guess I always have. The other day he pushed me while at the bottom of the stairs and I joked that "geez I could've died" and he said "if you fell I would've caught you" I pointed out that he had his books in his hands and he said "Id drop everything to catch you id never let you fall"
and another sweet thing was he promised he'd wink in person. And I said, "just promise to do it before I get my goodbye at graduation" and he said "you're not getting a goodbye? It'll never be goodbye."is it wrong that I like him
should I tell him
he likes alex
he talks about her.. But I asked him if he still does and he said idk?
hoco is Saturday..
should I just wait till after he goes with her
I don't know maybe I'll regret telling him
mayne I'll regret not telling him
Do you think likes me at all
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  • He could?; tell him
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  • I would not date your guy best friend it's not worth it.


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