Why am I upset at the thought of my ex moving on if I'm over him?

I wouldn't get back with him becauause he cheated on me and I'm not in love with him.
I don't know if he's seeing anyone but the thought of being replaced makes me feel sick.
Is this normal? I don't know why I feel like this


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  • He hurt you when he cheated on you. So maybe you would have liked to see him suffer a little bit as well and not just move on straight away?

    Also, it always takes time to get used to seeing someone you were so close and intimate with, being like that with someone else.

    Also as you were cheated on, you may have slight insecurity issues about it. I get really insecure about exes even when I break up with them.

    What you are going through is normal :)

    • I didn't think of it like that, I think k if must be an insecurity thing

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    • Yeah that's the thing. There's a guy who I've been talking to- he's very sweet and seems the loyal type
      I guess it takes time to get over things completely

    • That is good. Always look at it rationally. You are chatting to someone else. So even if he was moving on, it doesn't matter because you have already moved on to someone else.

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  • I felt/feel the same way. It's normal. I wouldn't go back with mine either, it's just the thought that you're being replaced, he's parading around town with some new girl after he hurt you and left you high and dry like you never meant anything to him. Best thing you could do is move on and focus on yourself. Most likely, he isn't as happy as you think he is. Karma gets people when they least expect it.


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  • If he cheated on you then I really don't know why you feel like that. I think it's natural to be sad at a relationship ending even if they end more amicably without cheating. I think we become so accustomed to someone else in our lives that it feels like pulling apart some important piece of ourselves when they end. I think you'll eventually reach a place when you won't care about that anymore. I think these things just take time.

  • Well it doesn't seem like you're fully over him.

    But your attitude towards him seems hostile and unnecessary honestly. Why do you want him to keep suffering? So what if he's your ex? Just because subjectively your relationship didn't work out doesn't mean he or you shouldn't be happy.

  • I think you're just upset at the fact that he's happy again.
    Maybe you aren't, I don't know but he's moved on

  • You're not completely over your exBF unfortunately!


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  • Because you're selfish and want him to be stuck on you forever since it would feed your ego.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with this opinion.

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    • And no I would be appalled if someone dear called me selfish if an ex willingly screwed someone behind my back and then gets a slap on the wrist in the end like he's some hero. No, my feelings are totally justifiable.

    • @Queen_naki5 uh what? Who's defending him? I know I sure as hell am not, just because I called her selfish it doesn't mean I'm trying to justify his cheating. Wtf is wrong with you? She clearly doesn't want him to move on, hence she's being selfish. I'm not saying that what he did is acceptable and that it wasn't disgusting. It was. All my sympathies to asker. But she's still selfish if she thinks she can move on but he can't without her getting upset. I'm not blaming her for what happened. Just because she's the victim here it doesn't mean she can't also be selfish.

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