Can my friend be forgiven for cheating? She made a mistake and did not mean to do it. She is all broken up and depressed what should she do?

I have known this guy and girl for a long time. Before they started dating, they seem to be in a very loving relationship, thair communication is good, thay treat each other well, and they have a lot of respect for each other.
But recently the girl in the relationship came to me and told me she cheated on her boyfriend, because she got drunk and woke up to a guy she did not know or remember. She feels like a horrible person because of this, and she is really depressed. She does not want to hurt her boyfriend and she feels like she does not deserve him. She is not sure if she should tell him the truth. She is a sweet person and is too hard on herself i think.
Can she be forgiven?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • B
    but to put a finer point on it,
    forgiven but forgotten - never again a relationship with someone that puts them self AND our relationship in harm's way means how little both are in their life's priorities
    go shopping for someone that would cherish being with The One


Most Helpful Guy

  • First of all, I think a case can be made that she was unable to give consent. Legally speaking, if a girl is so drunk she cannot remember having sex, there is a strong possibly that she was a rape victim. If that is the case then there is nothing to "forgive", as she did nothing wrong. Normally, I am the last person to advocate a "Victim" mentality, as I think it is the cause of a lot of our societies problems. However, I see no difference between getting a girl (or a guy) super drunk and spiking a drink. In either case they are do something the wouldn't normally becuse of a drug/alcohol.

    However, if she feels that she did "give consent", which is why she feels guilty, then she has to ask herself, "Did she do it because she wanted to, or did she do it because she was drunk. Also will she do it again?" If it was because she wanted to or she will get that drunk again, then there may still be a problem. If this was a one time thing that she feels so badly about, I think I could forgive her. However, I will admit it will hurt me to know that she was with another man while she promised me not to be. However, everyone has made mistakes in their live, and some of use have made worst mistakes then this.


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What Girls Said 2

  • What she has to understand is that even if her boyfriend were to forgive her, it's not going to be forgotten and the relationship will forever be tainted, not ever the same anymore.

    If she's planning to stay with her boyfriend then she has to come clean.

  • That's the call of her boyfriend.

    If she were dating me... no. She would not be forgiven. That's just me, though.


What Guys Said 1

  • There is no excuse for cheating for ANY reason. Drunk or sober makes no difference. It happened. She put herself in a position where it was a real possibility, that did actually happen.

    What should she do? Does she want to force this guy to live a lie, oblivious to what happened? What happens if he finds out from some other source in a few years time? Do YOU want to live with this knowledge and help her to force this guy to live in ignorance of what went on?

    It happened, and she can't turn the clock back. She should tell her guy and accept his decision of what he wants to do. From my point of view, there is no forgiveness. If I were in that guys shoes, I would just simply walk away!


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