Why did he apologise out of the blue?

So the guy I'm dating randomly sent me a message which said 'sorry I've been a dick! It was a reply to my message telling him to have a good night as he was out with the lads for his birthday. The apology was out of the blue & uncalled for as I hadn't thought he acted like a dick. When I asked why he was apologising he said.

I just have. Not replying the whole day.' His responses have never been usually fast so I've never really noticed or cared. Could someone explain this? He's now been texting me a lot more.


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  • i think he apologized in case you were waiting him. i think it's positive.


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  • Well that's nice
    You seem pretty laid back, but I assume he's either dated someone who was obsessive about things like that- or he's just heaps into you and likes being in touch all the time


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