What's wrong with me?

😞 What am I doing wrong? no matter how hard I try it feels like me and Matt are going no where I mean there are a few moments when it's OMG yes finally ! but not really ! I don't over crowd him he as more space then most guys with girlfriends do ! I see him like ones a week if I'm lucky !! and when he blows me off I don't get mad or angry at him! I'm trying not be annoying to him even tho I feel I maybe annoying him 😞 with all my good morning texts and my text when I need help I'm trying really hard to understand all his car talk I have even offered to help him with the car 😖 even tho I don't know much about it I'm will to learn! all i want is to make him happy!


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  • Try talking to him about your feelings
    If there's no improvement then maybe it takes walking away


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