Are girls hesitant to have relationships with guys who get lots of girls?

There seems to be a paradox with girls where they are attracted to guys who are good with girls, but at the same time, they don't like that these guys have actually gotten a lot of girls. I've dated several girls with whom I wanted to have relationships but who seemed to shy away from me based on my history. The last girl I wanted to get serious with asked me at one point how many girls I'd been with in the past year. I don't lie to girls I really like, so I told her the truth. Shortly thereafter, it was over.

The thing is, this girl was gorgeous, and very few guys even had the balls to approach her. Girls like her want strong, confident guys to engage them and ask them out, but at the same time they want us to be choir boys, like we possibly could have the game to get a girl like that if we hadn't been having relationships.


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  • We tend to shy away because we're worried you won't value us and just think of us as one of the many instead of the individuals we are. We don't want to be one of notches on your bed post.

    • But can't you trust that just because a guy has options and isn't a loser that he might still be able to commit to you?

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    • Avoid the subject then. Don't lie majority of girls will judge you harsher for lying about something as big as that and they will find out

    • That's what I mean, I will avoid the subject completely so that she doesn't even think about it.

  • Honestly yes, I would unconsciously think that the guy is a player and he doesn't take love and relationships seriously and I myself might end up being one of those ex girlfriends.

    • But at the same time, girls complain about the guys who don't approach them and don't generally get girls, so it seems like a catch-22. Those of us who do get girls get labeled as players and users, while the more timid guys get labeled as weak and unconfident.

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