Not to Ethnically/Racially stereotype but would you agree that Latina/Hispanic women on average, are the most open-minded group of women?

when it comes to dating/relationship standards?

More open-minded as in not having to much of a racial and age restriction.

In my experience, most Latina/Hispanic women wouldn't mind dating younger or older men (as long as the younger guy isn't a minor or the younger guy is too far apart from her in age difference or the older man isn't old enough to be her father). They also don't mind dating within their own ethnic group or outside. That's how my experience is with them.
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What Girls Said 1

  • oh hell no i know a lot of latin girls and they are soo mean an dont even think about other cultures


What Guys Said 1

  • I notice that with mixed race people they usually dont have prejudice towards others

    • Like I said, Latinas are not only more open-minded with race/ethnic group, they're also more open-minded with age differences (the majority of women tend to go for older men and completely dismiss men younger and even of the same age as them). Hell, Latina/Hispanic women are even more open-minded with socio-economic status (as long as the guy has a decent enough job to support himself).

      This was my overall experience with Hispanic/Latina women.

    • I think the same I know one that values homeless people not many girls think that way

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