Should I write a guy first I kissed at a party?

I just started at my University and we went on a sort of intro-party-weekend. I ended up kissing with a boy who's a year above me. We made out the entire party both Friday and Saturday. I didn't get to talk to him yesterday before we went home. He did add me on facebook yesterday but hasn't written. Should I write him one of the following days? I'm thinking some version of "Hi! Didn't get to say goodbye Sunday. Did you get home allright?".. I just don't know if it would be weird. I usually don't have to write the guy first, not that I would mind doing it. I just don't wanna make a fool of myself. I would expecially love a response from the guys on this site!


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  • Yeah, go ahead. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Yes, you should write to him first.

    • Can you elaborate on why you think that? And thanks for the answer btw!

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    • The thing is I might would want more of it. I haven't been able to get him of my mind since and it's extremely rare that I feel that way. So it wouldn't just be to use him. I'm actually more afraid if he was just using me as he's older and definitely good-looking and I was just "fresh meat" at the study. So I'm a bit afraid of being let down... I'm not the type of girl who takes advantage of somebody at all.

    • Yes, but from his perspective you would be taking advantage of him. @asker I just literally got out of this situation with a woman and after I developed feelings for he she said she didn't want anything long term and I felt taken advantage of. She adamantly maintains that she didn't use me but THAT DOESN'T FIX MY EMOTIONS. Learn what you want before entering a relationship. Otherwise you can really do a lot of damage.

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