Does this first message to a woman on a dating site, POF, good enough to get her attention or does it sound to dull and unoriginal?

Right now, I'm on POF trying to figure out how to not make my message too pressuring and long but at the sametime, not too short and simple. I read in her description that she prefers her first message sent to her, to be a little more spicy and original.

Here's my first message to her:

"Hi there. My name is _____. I just read in your description that you love video games and like to learn outdoor things like shooting guns which has captured my attention a lot because I love video games and used to hunt with my dad, my uncles and my cousins. What type of video game genres do you enjoy playing the most? :)"

I usually always end my first message with a question about their interests/hobbies because I assume that it's an attention grabber to the ladies on POF.
  • It's fine the way it is as long as it's not just a "Hi" or "Hello".
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  • It needs to be a little more spiced up and original
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  • Your general approach sounds fine as long as it's personalized. Even just opening with a question is good. I have had many dudes write the next Great American Novel for me to read and I am so not interested in that much right off the bat.


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  • That third sentence is far too long. It's also far too simplistic.

    "Hi I saw that you like things I also like those things so I guess that means we like the same things."

    Well, obviously. That's what it says on your profiles.

    You need to be more creative. Ask her if she did anything cool or amazing this summer, and mention something that you did that was fun or unusual. Ask her if she goes for the 'pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING' craze or not now that the autumn is here. Ask her if she ever jumped into a pile of leaves and landed on something unexpected!

    Don't mention the video games.

    • THe thing is, I don't want to sound too pushy of asking more about her, which is why I made it this short and mentioned that I have the same interest as her. Plus, I know very well that most women in dating sites hate tediously long messages and this amount of characters typed in one message seems to be in a fair enough size.

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    • Then, is it a good idea for me to send her another short message even after already sending her the first one ending with a question?

    • Nope. One message is all you get. That's why you have to get it right. Say what is needed to, with any luck, intrigue her, and leave the ball in her court. Appearing eager/needy/desperate kills your chances.

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  • that first message seems fine.

  • Results please


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