Why did he stop talking and block me on Facebook? Does he think of me still? Such a long friendship to just cut off so drastically that way. Why?

A old friend msgd me 1.5 mnths ago. Told me he always had a crush on me and he stalked my FB pics. I was flattered and we started chatting, flirting, sexting. I even thought about moving back. Then I start seeing him post to another girl so I back off. The tune of the posts change and I can tell it isn't going well. I looked at her page & warning sirens started blaring. I sent him a text asking if he wanted my opinion. He welcomed my advice and was moved that I cared and was scared for him. We start talking again and it gets heated.. enough to where we had phone sex. I had never done that before and he was aware of it. A couple of days later he tells me I was right about the other girl and that she wasn't interested in him. I told him I knew that but he was sending her the wrong message because he continued to like her posts. He then sends me a copy of this long text he sent her pouring his heart and feelings out to her. Telling her how much he liked her and that he liked her more than anyone ever (he is 6 mnths out of an 11 yr marriage that ended badly). I was floored!! Who does that? Why send me a copy of this text to another woman when we had been "intimate" (I know, not really) just two days prior? I went off on him asking him why he would hurt my like that. He said how sorry he was and that he didn't think I was serious, he only dreamed of having me since we lived apart, I told him I had thought about moving back and he got mad at me! I asked what difference that made, sending me the text was hurtful either way. We argued via text for a couple of days, I even aplogized for blowing up. He blocked me on FB then texts that he is done, I treated him like his ex wife had. I felt ashamed so wrote him a long apology trying once more to make him understand. That was 4 days ago and no response. Bock on FB still, I am so hurt and confused. One misunderstanding and thats it, he erases me from his life? Why? So final and for years we have liked each other's stuff on FB.


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  • Are you really 42?

    • Yes, why?

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    • You are right. I shouldn't have judged you so harshly and I am sorry. It is just that women on this website tend to lie about their age in my experience. You wrote that he had just got out of an 11 year marriage 6 months ago. I strongly belief that he is still hurt by his previous marriage. I think he wants to ease his pain by inflicting it on you. @asker

    • Thank you. I do understand your point. And yes it does sound and feel a bit childish. I also tell myself that if he was half the man I wanted him to be he would pick up the phone. I believe he suffers from low self esteem and has been through some abuse issues. The site also only gives you so many words to state the issue so I couldn't go into very much background detail as to why we were communicating that way. I do thank you for your reply. His actions seemed very dramatic compared to the action of me calling him out on being so insensitive to my feelings. Again, Thank you.

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