Do any of you girls like guys with feminine attributes?

Im not talking about a feminine personality. I have a babyface, with thick (girl) lips. I have a butt, which is probably bigger than 50% of girls I encounter, Im medium built, so I am pretty big but I am a bit squishy. It seems like weight body distributes fat easily. So i guess if you picture a thick girl but with a male like upper torso, are girls interested in that? I've been called intimidating, not to mention i've been told I look like a strong fighter and that I should do boxing cause of my build and huge hands. Are girls into guys like this?


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  • I like them!


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  • Have you got a jawline?

    • No i dont. Even when i was skinny i didn't. I have a babyface like I wrote, but a pretty dam asymetrical one at that

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