Can I still be cool if I have a girlfriend?

I feel like I dont want/need a girlfriend because of the life I live. I live a life of smoking and partying. I go to concerts, listen to hiphop & EDM and I have tattoos. I have muscle too, I'm not like the hulk but I do keep a workout plan in my schedule. I have 6 As and 1 B in school. I wear floral clothes and tribal. I shop at Pacsun, Zumiez, Tilly's, Footlocker, Footaction, H&M, Macy's, Rue21, Champs, and Journeys. In my opinion I dont sound like someone who dates. What do y'all think?
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  • Another idiot who asks two opposing question in the title and details.
    I answered the question in your details. "In my opinion I don't sound like someone who dates. What to y'all think?" I chose yes. You don't sound like someone who dates


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  • If being cool is all you're worried about then you need to chill out.


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  • You can still be cool in a relationship.

    However, with the persona and attitude you're pulling... good luck getting a girl to begin with.

    • I never wanted a girlfriend in the first place but thanks for the opinion

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    • You're the one who titled the question.

    • No I think you're misunderstanding this my dude. I've been talking to this girl I like a lot and she wants to date me. I don't want to date I just want to stay super friends (didn't tell her that) I told her stuff like we dont need to date to prove how much we care about each other and we like each other a lot rn. I always talk about her w/ my friends and parents and they keep saying Oh you like her, you love her & you gotta girlfriend. I like her but she's not my girlfriend Im just not about that life. I go to dance parties

  • dating has nothing to do with what you wear, what music you listen to and what kind of body you have. as long as you can stay faithful to your girl, then yes you should date :D


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