Guys, my boyfriend removed me from instagram.. Saod he is deleting it but is still liking girls pics.. So why not add me back and then remove it?

My boyfriend and i had an argument a few days ago and he removed me.. Just like i did when i used to get angry.. But now that things are good.. He still has not added me.. But continues to like girls pics.. I know this due to our mutual friends and he made his profile private and it never is usually.. He won't add me till he deletes the app.. What gives? Sigh!! ..


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  • Oh, you did a bad thing. I would be very hurt if someone did that to me and would probably lose my trust in them. It is highly unlikely I would ever be able to grant my trust in them again unless there was a significant change that lead to believe you have matured significantly.

    I don't want to sound harsh but I don't like when people try to play with my emotions unless it is the fun type of play.


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