Do you know if someone's not right for you after 1-2 dates?

Or does it take longer than that for you to figure it out? Like will you at least know whether you're attracted to them, like them, and could see a potential future? I'm just wondering what's the norm for most people.


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  • I think there are many warning signs that jump out at you on the first or second date, like someone who is so needy and desperate that they want to start selecting boy names and girl names on the second date, or they are extremely liberal and you are extremely conservative, or they are atheist and you are Christian. In fact, I think most of the problem signs are probably obvious within 1-2 dates.

    There are some things that may takes many months to surface, like a woman who can never say "no" to her adult children, or a guy who disappears for 3 months during hunting season.

    So. . . I think if a girl passes the test on the first 1-2-3 dates, the odds on her becoming a serious LTR go up substantially, but, obviously, there is much more to learn about each other before you say those three little words that every girl wants to hear: "let's go shopping!" Just kidding; the real point is that you should date someone for at least a year before considering marriage or living together. Sticking to that standard will potentially save you from some messy breakups down the road.


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  • Well I'll know within a few dates whether I like her or not and I'll be able to see her character and any warning signs if any that might pop up, but in no way could I see a potential future with someone just after a couple of dates, that's something that takes way more time like at least a year.

    • Well by future I just mean a potential relationship, not marriage and all that.

    • Ah I see well then for that yes I could.

What Girls Said 2

  • yeah i reckon i could figure it out pretty quick. it depends on how good a person is at reading character.

    • Have you dated a guy where you knew within a couple dates that it just wasn't going to work out?

    • i dont date often but yeah i have been able to tell quite early on that he ain't a keeper.

  • By the end of the second date, I either feel something or not.


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