Girls, Does she like me or she just really nice?

nks for taking the time to read what about to write and thank you even more if you respond.

Basically I have a problem figuring out whether or not this girl I like at church is just being kind to me or if she possibly likes me. I met her at this new church i go to a few weeks ago. when i saw her i thought she was the beautiful girl I have ever seen, and it must have shown because when she caught me looking she looked down after eye contact and smiled.

Later that night I added her on facebook and we had a small conversation (i purposely kept it short to avoid looking thirsty) and things seemed like they were going well, until the following week. That next Sunday, at church, she was walking towards where I was sitting and I quickly got up and went to the bathroom. I felt really embarrassed so I messeged her on facebook again later that night and she didn't message me back until 5 days later, followed by a love status she posted an hour later saying "its better to love than not to love". She basically told me its okay and asked me if I was going to church on Sunday, which to i replied yes most definitely.

I ended up not going and she now goes offline everytime i come online. So is she basically telling me to screw off?

P. s

She is 19 im 23. Im not a great looking man but i have a huge heart
Anyone else have any advice before i end it?


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