Is He Just After Sex From Me, Is that all he wants? Guys What Are Your Thoughts On This?

So Recently me and this guy he said he wants another start and to start slow (we are long distance)
He's messaged me everyday ever since, asking how I am, and going online to check for messages. He has just been online we was talking, he said he had a bad day at work, so I said sending hugs to you, and he said sending you my hug and my kiss, I made a joke and said I can feel your hug, he then said your kiss is as sweet as you. He then said I want to feel you, I said I'm not that type of girl. He then said I will do my best to discover you, lol and discover your body too. I replied to him but you know I am not that type of girl. He replied to me, I know but we should have our special night. He then asked me do you think about having sex with me. I said, why do you ask, if that all your looking for from me, he said no no for sure just question. He then said later that he wanted to hug me, kiss you, i said I wish i could hug you now, he replied to my message saying, then have sex with you, not in a rush!

So What do you think, opinions needed please
He doesn't usually talk like this
We had a fight back at the end of June, he said he didn't care didn't have feelings for me
but weeks before told me that he had feelings for me, but he was having problems in his work and family life.
I didn't message him after that night we had the fight, and he messaged me 2 weeks ago, I asked him why he had come back after all this time.
He said he thought about me, he missed me, he hurt me, but wanted a new start


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  • I can'tell explain the whole breakup meltdown but he is definitely sexually frustrated if he is saying this when he normally doesn't. He's also probably testing out how far he can take it.

    • so I met him back in October 2014 in person, he lives long distance from me, we kept in touch everyday, upto 5 hours a nice, got on very well, felt like I could talk about anything to him, we had a fight back at the end of June of this year, he was having some problems at work, losing his job, and Family problems. I said I thought you had feelings for me obvisiously I was wrong, he blew up and said I never said I loved you, which I didn't mention the word love to him. he said I don't have any feelings for you, and he said don't message me again goodbye. I never messaged him after the fight. But on the 8th of this month, he messaged me, i give you my number incase you like to text me, I didn;t respond, and a few minutes later, he said you do not want me to be back, I understand if you don't want me to text you. I responded with, its nice to hear from you, I told you months ago, how I felt about you, and you just disappeared, and now your back just tell me why, he replied, I thought about you, i missed you, i hurt

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    • In response to your last message it seems like he wants a relationship again. But you honestly won't know until the meet up.

    • he was in my phone contacts on whatsapp where we communicated on, but I stopped going on there to be honest, and we previously spoke on facebook, and I got a friend request, he didn't see guys post till he friended me. But I stopped going on whatsapp it was very rare, so I think that's why he sent me request, think he saw I hadn't been using it much

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