Would you go out and have sex with your girlfriend even if you knew youd be in serious trouble (with parents) fr doing so?

Even though I'm 18 my mom doesn't want me to go over to my gfs house tomorrow while she is at work.
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  • You're 18. It's legal as long as she is, too. Just use protection.

    • Yeah try telling that to a parent who threatens to kick you out whenever you do anything that they don't want you to lls.

    • So get a job if you haven't already, find someone you trust who's willing to room with you if you're worried about affording it, and move out.

    • take her to your pace or a hotel, problem solved

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  • Yea, I'd do it anyway if it was reverse and my Mom didn't want me going to my boyfriend's house cuz honestly I'm 18 and its my relationship, she technically can't tell me what to do.

  • If I had a boyfriend I still would not have sex with them weather my parents approved of it or not. Se just isn't my thing.


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