Would this be signs that a guy likes a girl?

Me and my friend we're debating what signs a guy drops when they like someone and we came up with this:

-stares at them/glances

-smiles in their presence or at them

-jokes around with them


-stutters or acts nervous

-his friends are staring at the girl

Do you guys think we're right?
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  • That's true, that mean a guy likes someone
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What Guys Said 1

  • "Stares at them/glances" - do you not do this to people you don't like? I often find myself just people watching, so does that mean every girl I look at thinks I like her?

    "Smiles in their presence" - smiling is a common way to greet and react to people

    "Jokes around with them" - I joke around with everybody. And almost everybody tries to be funny with everybody.

    "Stutters or acts nervous" - social anxiety can happen around anyone, or any girl, even if he doesn't like her

    The other two are pretty good signs though. These too:
    -Physical contact
    -Eye contact + smiling without saying anything
    -Paying attention to her way more than he pays attention to others
    -Listening to her and seeming genuinely interested in what she has to say

    • The last three happened with my friend too

    • And with a guy I liked, the way he stared at her was like it meant more (like a dreamy stare), but I didn't realize that many guys give dreamy stares to random people they don't know

    • Dreamy stares are a good sign, if you can tell its dreamy. But you didn't mention that before.

What Girls Said 1

  • He probably thinks you're cute


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