Will my boyfriend notice if i'm not myself?

Will my boyfriend notice if I am not myself through text? I ask about text because we only see each other once a week due to our work schedules. I just feel like I'm the one doing all the trying and relationships take two. I've recently dropped the L bomb and he's taken it quite well but he also doesn't feel the same and that there makes me want to distance myself.


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  • How long have you been together for? Guys can't really get the hint when it comes to our feelings. You may need to tell him how you are feeling through text. Don't attack him just be your normal self and tell him how you are feeling.

    Tell him that, you are quite unsure why he hasn't dropped the word "love" to you back or even said it. If the relationship is early on he may not be "loving you yet" but "falling in love with you"


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