Who fares better dating, single moms or dads?

So I was reading a lot on infadelity and was shocked, surprised and scared when I read tons of stories about adulterous wife's and husband that just walk out on pregnant woman. Granted the adulterous wife's were sader because tey had affairs for facades loved their husbands but wanted "passion". They couldn't leave their family but couldn't leave their lover either. Guys tended to just dick around shortly and not really fall in love. So it made me wonder with so much turmoil who has a better chance of rebounding single dads or moms?
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I mean fathers who get custody of their kids.


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  • I have two children and I have other mum friends who are single and most of the time the kid/s live solely with the mother (maybe they get the occasional weekend free) so as a single parent that is definitely a disadvantage.

    Single dads, on the whole have some distance from the kids and more time to pursue another relationship, single mums are still running a family and trying to make ends meet.

    I dread ever being a single mum, you get judged straight away and many potential dates run for cover when they find out about the kids.

    • Yeah guess I should of said that I meant guys who end up with their kids. I feel like I would hate to end up having a split up family

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    • Well that puts me at was I went back home after school and traveling for years and all the girls I used to like are single moms. I was wayward most of my 20s so never thought about a family but now guess I feel more mature and ready to meet woman for well serious relationships. But seems like a lot woman my age from 22-27 tend to be single moms... so just thought I'd ask.
      P. S are you British saying mum instead of mom and bugger off... I don't know I read it in an English accent in my head it was sorta cute.

    • The best thing about single mums is that most of them are really independent and strong and aren't looking for a man to take care of them, a lot of them just want commitment and someone to be there for support, very rarely are they looking for a date to be a father figure.

      Yes I am British, whoops, definitely gave the game away using bugger, my bad.

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  • I'd imagine single moms as usually they're the ones raising the kid most of the time. My best friend is a single dad and still gets way more women then me and my friends combined.


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  • I think single dads. Not saying single moms don't date or re-marry or anything, because they do. But I see more guys do way better in dating. I even said I didn't want kids and dated a guy with 2, because I thought he was a nice guy (at the time). Some of my friends are similar to me and even dated a guy with a kid. Sadly, my single friend with a kid, who is female, hasn't had the greatest luck. It could be just my area, I'm not sure.


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  • Best girlfriend I ever had had a kid <3


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